51 or 54. IMPACT PLATES LAMINATES: Added underneath each binding area to improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most. A good all-rounder. This board gives you more stiffness and new innovations to help you charge harder down big lines than ever before. It’s a normal board so no real volume shift to it. I don’t mess with big park jumps anymore because I don’t bounce like I used to. my riding is powder. I ride most of the times on slopes and my traditional camber board works pretty well for that. Intermediate rider here and after reading comments…Did I mess up by getting a 148 at 195-200lbs? Hello! 48 if you want it WAY more playful and 51 if you want more stability. For lovers of all mountain riding, the Superpig is that snowboard to shred pistes, pow, and kickers with this next level Pig shape! Need a board to mess around on, when im not following my kids around I like to take my town going down, looking for every jump, bump, tree run etc i can find. More than likely he has pissed you off, shocked, amazed, or mortified you at some point with his ramblings. Pick up your Superpig and become the hero you were always meant to be. Get the 51 for what you’re describing. Bindings: K2 Indy. I also rode a capita DOA the same week and found it much more enjoyable in those situations. Or can I actually progress further on this? Sidehits, cat track gaps, natural hips, etc. Complete with … The 54 will be better for the lower angle terrain Breck has as well as more nimble in the trees especially if you’re riding anything on Peak 10 or lower Peak 6. So what are you waiting for? Usually chase powder/tree runs, hit side hits and natural features and may do a park lap at the end of the day (never hit rails though). Thanks! I was leaning towards the large and that confirms it. Love your content btw. So I was looking for (mostly on your YouTube channel) a perfect do-all-I-want-snowboard. 2021 Ride CL-2 Womens Black Snowboard Bindings. I have a t. Rice pro 155 and am planning a few trips next year, Jackson hole, breck, and telluride/ silverton. THE 20/21 PIG SERIES Four boards, all designed for different terrain while sharing the same identity. Sounds like you’re riding a small resort I’d get the Crux it’ll be more freestyle versatile for a tiny hill. But 151 or 154 ? An alternative was the Ride LTD but probably the same issue with the ratchets. Mostly ride groomers, resorts, some park. Buy a set and save money . 142 . Hi Angry, I am 5’10”, 145lbs, boot size 10, should i go 47 or 50? What would be your choice? Thanks for all the input! What size should I get. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Unless the snow is prefect I have to Really manipulate the mt to hold and aggressive edge. I’ll need to make up my mind if I should try out the volume shifted board. Which one has better grip on icy/hard packed snow? 54 should fit your 11.5. You can load it up and it will snap and not just a little amount I mean you’re boosting to the moon. Thanks for the help. Prefer the twin sidecut though. But you have more tail to push off. Don't let the shape fool you this board will go anywhere and do anything. © 2015 Angry Snowboarder. While I don’t think a more aggressive board would really be a problem, I’m mainly worried that I’m going to loose everything I liked about the warpig (playfulness/turn initiation/float in powder) by going for the more aggressive superpig. Availability: Product code: Tags: snowboarding mens snowboards womens snowboards Ride snowboards ride twinpig ride superpig ride warpig Ride Superpig 2021; Warning: Last items in stock! I’ve ridden standard all mountain boards my whole life. Price match guarantee. Ships in: 1-2 days. 58 will give you more optimal float if you’re riding imperial or charging a groomer full speed. I tried a 2018 Warpig for a few days, 151 or 154, liked it a lot but I was missing that camber a little. I’m 6’1″, 205 lbs, size 12 boots. Seasoned camber rider. TOPLESS CONSTRUCTION: By transferring graphics directly to the fiberglass, Topless Construction removes the need to have any topsheet material. Decision made – found the 151 at my local for $355 new. Rider in Mind: All mountain freestyle guy that wants to downsize. The low friction Race Base is made from a carbon infused sintered base material to ensure a fast ride. Hey Angry I’m 6’7″ and 240lbs size 11boot I currently ride a nidecker platinum 165w. I’m in between the 151 and 148 for a well rounded all mountain daily driver, what to you think. ROLL-IN CONSTRUCTION: Unique 3D structure built around our urethane Slimewall® sidewalls. I have also an eye on the Burton Malavita. Park riding is limited to jumps but I do love my airtime when I can find it! Which one should I go with superpig 48 or orca 44? This board is made for the demanding rider that wants the aggressive thrash style of the WARPIG with camber and a little more stiffness. The SUPERPIG rides like a very angry WARPIG. Will the 151 be too big or should i go for the 148? Board: Ride Superpig. Do you think it is the right choice or I should consider Warpig? Its between this, mercury, mountain twin (the new 2021 which is supposed to be softer) or GNU Nuzoid. I bought the 154 Superpig for my size 12 Rome Inferno boots and paired them with Arbor Cypress bindings. Hey Angry, I’m 6.0 225 lbs with size 11 boots. It’s almost like you’re needing 2 separate boards. I’m mostly bombing freeride and doing some carving, but still want to mess around with my kids on the lower slopes. There’s enough torsional flex in this board to really snap a carve however you want. Way softer. The nose will press easier than the tail due to the rocker in it, but the tail holds a press well too. Flex: This board has a … Hello angry, I am at 6 feet height,175 lbs weight, 11 US size boots, what size Superpig do you recommend ? I ride at random times throughout the season so always have varying conditions. £ 266.76; Sort by: 1/1; Best selection. Reply. Full camber and twin but still volume shifted. I feel the 54 might suit you better based on what you’re telling me. My Weight: 195lbs. Slimewalls® provide a smoother ride and increase durability. I guarantee im better then most of them and it drives me nuts. Big camber but a lot of flex, with a huge nose for powder, and a 265mm waist width (like the 151 Superpig). $649.99 Sold Out. Ride Superpig Snowboard 2020. I just got myself Libtech Skate Banana 159, now I’m looking for a pow board to have next to the Banana. One board wants to do some Pow in the morning, and some Carve/Jumps in the afternoon. $ 510.89 instead of $ 646.17-20% Buy a set and save. On top of all that, these babies are virtually indestructible, the most durable sidewalls in snowboarding. Great recommendation – rode this through the spring, and loved it! Quick view. Looks like Ravine has a bit less rocker and less volume shift on spec. Which would you choose if you could only have 1 board? Which size would you recommend 148 or 151? 2021 Ride Superpig Mens Snowboard. I questioned the guy at the shop and he advised against going up to the 154 warpig to add stability due to the added width (I usually sit around 175lbs). Be the first to rate this product. Depends on what you want it for. I’m 5’9” 145 lbs with a size 11 boot. What do you think? €473.06 . I ride all mountain, very little park, and I’m 5’11” 210 size 10 boot. Would 154 work for me? One of you at angrysnowboarder recommended the Burton Clutch. I used to have a pair of size 12 boots but my local ride shop fitted my feet for the first time and got me in 10.5 Solomons. Trying to buy this board but don’t know which size to get. Most of those people saying that wanted a Warpig and didn’t realize the Superpig has a different camber profile. Took the pair to Japan and had THE BEST TIME. Extra pop and response, without adding extra stiffness. I only hesitate cause of the flat of the warpig should i be concerned considering my older board . 165lbs Size 11 boots. I'm leaning toward the ride warpig in 154 or 151. Thanks for the time, I’ll be clicking your link. Extra carbon drives power from your bindings through the board for a quicker response and extra pop. Compared to my full blown freeride board the pig is slow, but that’s exactly what I wanted for mellower days and shit visibility. Thanks, guessing weight is more important than rider height? However, I don’t like the ratchets. Check it out here! It looks like downsize with SuperPig could be good replacment because Templar is to narrow (25cm) for my 11 boot size especially for soft snow. Is this board comparable to the Nitro Dropout? Thanks for you reply. love your skate banana review. Rocker Type. This board is so much fun to get edge to edge, lay down in a euro, weave through the trees, butter until the cow gives up and ride those hidden powder spots! For what you’re looking for a 51 Superpig makes total sense. Which board would you recommend? for 83kg without gear on But need a board that is able to take it relaxed and laid back on when with the family. 160 lbs here. How come nobody talks about effective edge anymore? The board will be used a few days a year in average Australian conditions, and 10 days of year on my annual Japan trip. Thanks! The WARPIG has won multiple snowboard tests for both all mountain and freestyle categories which is a rare feat in modern snowboarding. Sorry also I got the Malavitas to go with it – too soft? Don’t know why you’re giving your height that’s the least important factor in finding a board but whatever. Or I should consider other board? im 5’9″ 83kg size 8 feet advanced rider. Now the other guy I can’t believe he puts footage of himself And his friends on his reviews, I can’t see how Anyone can take that dude seriously. I also like how wide these pigs are since I don’t have a wide or volume shifted board. Through sheer growth and development, the company has incorporated a number of other manufacturers that has resulted in one huge pool of design and technical talent. The Ride Superpig snowboard is a new snowboard for 2020 that takes the popular shape from the Warpig, and steps it up to the next level of performance. PERFORMANCE™ CORE: High strength Aspen is combined with Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light. Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zone gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles. Thinking of getting this as my first volume shifted board, and I’m not used to sizing here. As a bang average intermediate rider, will this board kill me? Thanks in advanced. With your expertise, would you think the 158 would work, or too small? Hahah people keeps saying that about Skate Banana … Unfortunatelly I have only 58 avilable I guess, going down from my previous board Nitro Team 162W will be noticable difference. My other board is a 152 Headspace, Boot size 10.5 weight 155lbs. My boot size: 12.5 (boots: NITRO Anthem) You can kind of go either way. Can’t think of the sizes off the top of my head but it’s like a 47 or 48, get those. Hey Man- Angrysnowboarder says: December 21, 2019 at 8:15 am. This board is made for the demanding rider that wants the aggressive thrash style of the WARPIG with camber and a little more stiffness. Any thoughts on that or another alternative? My current board is Never Summer Proto CT from 2012 rocker between foot camber under foot. She wears a size 6 boot for reference. I answered this on YouTube. I’d get the small again unless you really want more surface area then the medium. This thread should be on the Ride website . Ride A-4 Snowboard Binding 2021. It would go anywhere and ride anything turning every day into a perfect day to ride a WARPIG. £ 494.95 . Double check that I’m too lazy to do that and just woke up. $191.99. Proto CT seem a bit loose on carving and doesn’t grab icy/hard packed snow very well. Agreed, I’m thinking maybe the Capita Equalizer 138 at that point then. 5’10 200lbs. The Superpig is a responsive board thanks to the added carbon array and carbon infused fiberglass. 154 or 158? 6’4 rider who lives in the trees, natural features, groomers, with little to no park, what are your thoughts? Designed with progression in mind The Agenda's twin hybrid rocker has camber between the bindings for snap and control with rocker at the tip and tail, providing effortless turn initiation and performance. Hey Angry, Thoughts? And It looks like superpig is right what I want (a bit stiffer, stable, good in powder, good for carving), but unfortunately it’s highly unlikely I get to buy it where I live. I want this board. However, the Superpig 158 is only 0.5cm wider than the Team. Which one I should get? Ships in: 1-2 days. I’m debating between the medium 151 and large 154. Mostly resort, groomed and powder run. Just like your skate wheels, the urethane in Slimewalls® smoothes the interaction with the snow, wood or metal surfaces you may ride on. 6’4″ and I fluctuate between 200lbs – 220lbs. Flex: This board has a middle of the road … Keep hearing go smaller with these Pigs, but would love to hear your thoughts after riding the 51. Ride Superpig 148 2021. I’m 5’9″ 155lbs with a size 8.5/9 boot. Hi Angry, I’m about 170lbs and size 9 boots. Hope you are going as well as can be during this pandemic. I ordered the Ride Capo. Size: 157. It’s going to be more directional, flex will be a hair stiffer torsionally, there’s going to be more pop from it. I’ve ridden a 2017 warpig in 148(small) the past couple of seasons and enjoyed it, but the flat base, length, or combination thereof made it feel a little squirrelly at speed and sketchy on hardpack/icy days. Quick view Ride. Ride A-6 Snowboard Binding 2021 More Colours. I am 5’4″ 160lbs, no gear. Product Details. I’m about the same weight as you and saw that you rode the 151. Find a shop here. It’s kind of dealers choice here. Saw your YouTube vid and on the comments it said you rode the 154 but it says medium in your written review here which is 151. Ride Superpig Snowboard 2021. Ride Snowboards and Snow Clothing With humble beginnings in Washington in 1992, Ride snowboards and snow clothing has become one of the most innovative and aspirational brands out there. 148 . Hi Avran, Wanna improve my quiver with a second board (I own a k2 raygun form around 2012) for powder, carving and party boarding. Quick view. Cheers. The 2020 Ride Superpig is an aggressive take on the original Warpig and features a directional hybrid camber profile and a responsive flex. Thanks! Bachelor for over 20yrs, and been on the HyperKyarve 160 for the past few winters… Seem to be at the top of the weight range for the 151 and middle for the 154. This warpig will allow you to lay down carves, jump and ride big mountain lines. Doing some powder in the Swiss alps this januartall, would the 51 be sufficient or should I go safe with the 54? Thanks for your review, loved the insights you gave! Variety is the spice of life. This board is so much fun to ride and I didn’t want to get off it. Size the SUPERPIG down 6 to 10 cm's from your standard size because of the innovative shape. How can someone ride that much and still look that bad? Nowadays I do more carving and less fooling around, but I can’t tell if the 154 will be too rigid or if the 151 will be squirrelly.. 2020 Ride Sage Womens … Size chart for Ride - Men Freestyle Snowboards. A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and maintains speed in all conditions. The Ride Superpig Snowboard is a superhero spawned from the original Ride Warpig. So can you please name a few similar boards, If there are any? You have such a stable platform with the wider shape. Best. Debating between the Superpig or Orca for hitting the whole mountain with a little park action. Hey there. For an all mountain ride do what would be your suggestion on small vs medium. Or can you recommend any other boards that might be better for Ollie’s/rollers? Great review thanks! Would the 158 still be a good fit for me with out feeling to small? I want to recommend her the 138 psychocandy, but hearing that the board is wide, do you think this would be a good fit for her? Cheers. I have a chance at a medium for a couple hundred off the price, but I’ll pass after seeing your advice. (Gnu fun guy/ Orca?). My friends are into park so I’ll go in from time to time but I’m not great at it, I’ll hit small to medium jumps and side hits but tend to stay away from boxes. I recon from your review that the Mountainpig is more aggressive than the Superpig, so I left it out for now. (always use your links to purchase btw!). I’d probably go 51 unless you want it for straight pow use then 54. Ride Snowboards Twinpig Review (2018-2019) Twinpig Review: The Ride Twinpig is your asymmetrical twin park ripper from Ride snowboards, Shawn (@sgr_phopto) rode the 142cm and had a blast ripping it around at Copper Mountain. 154 . The tail takes more effort due to the flex pattern so be prepared to work for it. Dealers choice on this. Stability: That wider platform coupled with the carbon array and camber profile really make for a stable ride. But I’m also willing to for-go some of that if it means better control on steeper sketchier terrain. And for what I’m looking for, would it just be smarter to go up to the 154 warpig instead? Sounds like you don’t want a Warpig and the Superpig would fit you better. I’m a year late on this one, but sizing and shape look the same for the 21 model so thought I’d ask your advise on sizing… 5’11 190ish (geared up), 10.5 boots, riding Mt. 210 will be my optimistic, in shape, 100 days on the mountain weight. etc. The superpig seems like the next best alternative but I see reviews saying the superpig is “a lot of board” or “for the more advanced rider” which seems odd considering how easy and playful the warpig was compared to most other boards. Personal Thoughts: If the MTN Pig is too aggressive and the Warpig is too soft, this board fits right between them and leaves the Twin Pig to do its own thing. You have to be laying that thing completely sideways to be booting out. I guess my question is, what would I really be “giving up” (if anything) by going for the superpig. Size. If she’s a strong competent rider it might work for her, but if she has any hesitation or lack of ability to throw her weight into a carve it’s probably going to be too wide for her. Was going to get the Burton FA until I watched your review on it, now between the Super Pig, MNT Pig, and Algorithm. I’m 45 and I honestly still rip, but am slowing down and a shorter board sounds fun. Hi Angry, how does Rome Ravine compare to Superpig? I found a good deal on a 151 superpig but I’m thinking 148 would be better for my weight. £ 266.76; New. This board is made for the demanding rider that wants the aggressive thrash style of the WARPIG with camber and a little more stiffness. Choose Options. Bit late to this but I recently had the chance to try out the warpig (151). Ships in: 1-2 days. What size SuperPig and WarPig would you recommend?I would be coming from a LibTech C2BTX profile board. Stance: 21.5 Wide 15 Negative 12 Goofy. Explore the unknowns with the help of MSR, Please contact us for price at info@prfo.com. love it! Want something that isn’t going to rattle me in the chunder to much either. 151 . Guess my size 9 boots won’t be an issue. I’m 5’11 165 lbs with a size 9.5 boot. Doesn’t matter too much since I rode the custom so long with a set back sidecut. stability, and boot clearance of the 157 , concerned about maneuverability in the trees compared to the 154. I love the sounds of the superpig. Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10. So here’s the thing the Mercury will be the most well balanced but probably not the best tool for Japan since it’s decent in powder but not powder specific. Thanks in advance. Mostly in groomers, some pow and rare park for me. Little about myself: Do a little bit of everything, local resort is mainly groomers, sidehits and a couple park jumps and features. Can these volume shifted boards really provide enough effective edge to drive a hard carve? Can’t decide if I’m too fat for the 154 or not at about 230 lbs. 51 or 54? Guided through chunder and great control, Been eyeing this Superpig for pow, trees, and some kickers, Biggest toss up is my size 13 boots (190-195lbs) . The Superpig is a responsive board thanks to the added carbon array and carbon infused fiberglass. You don’t need to ask the same question everywhere. Quick view Ride. Ride Berzerker 163W 2021. Might like a Libtech Ejack Knife. I typically ride a 156W-157W because I don’t like riding surfboards when I snowboard, think I can pull off the 154? It’s kind of dealers choice here. Im looking for an all-mnt board thats mainly good at powder/tree runs and also charging groomers. then side hits then park jumps some rails. Flex: This board has a middle of the road directional all mountain flex. Offered in two levels, Single and Double. Telos Backslash, Lib Orca, Lib Short Wide, K2 Simple Pleasures, K2 Party Platter, and I’m sure there’s others. I assume 151 more playful, 154 more charging? I am 5”10; 163lb; boot 11 (thirtytwo). Brossard, QC J4Y 0G6 Ph: 450-462-4040 Store details Cheers mate! Buy a set and save money Add to basket This size is unfortunately sold out. 185, headed down to 170. The Mercury would be my top pick for you. You might be offended, shocked, amazed, or inspired on this site. Multiple items in stock. But look at the Bataleon Surfer, Bataleon Party Wave, Nidecker Mosquito, Ride Superpig, and for good measure we’ll throw in the Yes Hybrid. I bought this board based on this review, a couple of overheard bar comments and the fact you said I could go either way between this or the ravine. Definitely too big get the 142 might work the best for your weight. I’m struggling between the 154 & the 158. more than 30 years of experience. Yes Optimistic, Yes Y, Yes Hybrid, Marhar Sasquatch, K2 Coolbean, Rossignol Sushi, Spring Break Slush Slasher. She’s ridden a 136 Burton Lux pretty much her entire life and is petite around 96lb. incl. If you’re looking for a park board with the occasional freeride jaunt then it’s Asymulator. I been hitting eastern BC a lot the last few years and will continue, places like Revy, Big White, Red, Silverstar, SunPeaks, Apex… I don’t want something that is going to be too much of a beast to turn fast with, but I also want something I can rip fast on. Carbon Infused Glass provides extra pop. Ride Machete Jr 135 + K1 S 2021. This exclusive tech enhances the charging rider’s experience as we have moved the carbon pop construction to the outside edge for better stability and enhanced response. Thanks for your time.. Secure payment with SSL. I dont mind a slight steep curve as long its not impossible. If not the superpig, could you recommend another board with similar characteristics? Ride Superpig 148 2020. I think from all my research, its either the Warpig, or Superpig for me. Forgot to add, can only find a review from thegoodride, but fuck they dont make sense and focus on weird pointless shit, and even I can ride 65 times better than them. can you help with size please. Carbon Array 5™ provides extra pop without adding stiffness. Have had a burton custom flying V for years and want to get something a little special for all mountain to it all board. I’m having a really nice deal for the 2020 Superpig XL ( that is 158cm). I’m 5’ 10” and 180 lbs should I get a 151 or 154 for that extra pop? I’d say maybe go Superpig. With an asymmetrical shape and asymmetrical camber it is playful in the park. Little Yogi - The coolest toddler's brand out there. Camber Option: Directional Twin Hybrid Rocker. Thanks for all your answers, they already helped me a lot. The versatility of the warpig is unmatched. Rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point for maximum board control. Ride Machete Jr 130 + K1 S 2021. I weigh 110 lbs and am 5’4. Like everyone else here I’m looking for some sizing advice. The Superpig is an all mountain performance board that can take on the park, groomers and powder. Mostly ride at Mammoth but will be taking to Japan and Colorado. Do you have additional suggestions? I have a 2020 147 party platter to compare to the Warpig anyway. thanks in advance. Mainly riding Breckenridge all over just having a fun time. I want to try something completely different I wish snowboard reviews didn’t exist haha they make me overthink. Im really eying the Gnu or the superpig the most as switch isnt the most important factor for me. Depends on what you want performance wise. Reply. Multiple items in stock. DIRECTIONAL HYBRID CAMBER: A directional shape with a hybrid profile that has more camber than rocker. I love the camrock in the burton custom but have heard so many good reviews of the warpig. Given that I live in a shred town that caters FAR more to skiers than riders, it’s basically a demo wasteland. Is the sidecut centered on the sp? Hey Angry, been pestering you over the last few weeks trying to decide between this, Party Platter and Salomon Dancehaul. Spawn of the much-loved Warpig, the Superpig adds stiffness and more space age construction to give you an enhanced ride built for smashing big lines at high speed. The Agenda is a lot of board for the value. Butterability: That nose is amazing for locking into a butter. Appreciate the content! Quick view. So there is a slightly softer nose that tapers back into being a stiffer tail. VAT excl. I also take my carving very seriously though. intermediate/advanced rider looking for daily driver $269.99. Long winded Sorry! Not available Customer service: +43 3687 2422 333. This process improves overall durability and reduces weight. I got a pretty full quiver already I’m looking for a dedicated board that explodes off rollers and side hits. My stance: 23.5 wide, left +12, right -9. This board feels like that. Im thinking about the superpig, the k2 party platter or the slush slasher. Superpig or Orca or other recommendation? I was looking at the Superpig, the Skunk Ape and the Stump Ape. become launch ramps. ive We do things different and we make no apologies for that. There’s a little fight to it, but not a lot. Need to upgrade your cockpit? The Superpig is aimed at intermediate riders due to the aggressive response, meaning there is less room for error when boarding. Ships in: 1-2 days. Currently ride a 160 Rome reverb rocker and would say I'm an intermediate level rider. Directional twin camrocker. Multiple items in stock. For me is 80% carving, 20% freestyle carving, no park. Thanks for all of your hard work putting up reviews, it’s much appreciated. This board boosts. Currently riding a 159 Mercury..looking for something new to ride all over (park included) but smaller sized. And I’d probably go with the 52 for optimal send. This board is ideal for a guy who enjoys a back-country adventure but hits the park on a low visibility day. Finally going to be getting a new board and I was thinking of either this Superpig or the Niche Crux Would this be my optimal board? Is this a good second board that is totally different from Banana that will satisfy me when I want to charge down the groomer and do pow turns? Hi- I am 225 and where an 11. should I be aiming for a 54 or 58? I loved the warpig in the trees/ powder but my only complaint was that it got pretty chattery at high speeds on steep terrain when the snow was less than ideal. I would describe myself as someone who like to go fast and carve, hit the small jumps and features, duck through the trees, and tries to find the unridden powder whenever possible. Favourites. What do you think for size between the 148 and the 151? Unless you absolutely suck and ride stiff legged, knees locked, turning at the hips, never flexing with the board you will be fine. Wondering your thoughts on Superpig or Yes Not So Basic (new version of Basic Decade) for a dedicated jump board? Thank you for your no BS reviews and recommendations. Too much overlap. Multiple items in stock. so torn I’d get the 54. Read it and find out for yourself. Get that MTX grip but still have some pop and drive with it. Hi, how does this board deal with unevan terrian or/and busy resort like saturday afternoon? Hi, I’m 5 ft 9, 145 lbs with size 8.5 boots. Thanks for the videos. Hey Angry, Your site is the best! It’s a contender, I’d also look at the Niche Maelstrom, Endeavor Clout or Maverick, and maybe a Bataleon Camel Toe. Check out the new 2021 Volcom apparel here. Basically just messing around on the entire mountain. The 2021 Bataleon Thunder Snowboard Review, The 2021 Bataleon Party Wave + Snowboard Review, The 2021 Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard Review, The Top 5 All Mountain Freestyle Snowboards For 2020-2021. Love your review videos. Stuck. I love charging down the hill, but wanna get off pow searching in the trees a bit more next season with my buddies. for japan then Europe mainly Yeah you do feel some chatter when you hit death chunder at full speed, but on a groomer or in soft pow it doesn’t have a lot of vibrations. 54 or 58. I want something loose under my feet to transition from heel to toe quickly but still want the confidence to bomb a hill. I do value your opinion because I can tell you rip. This definitely fits what you’re looking for, you could probably do the Ride Superpig, Libtech BRD, Capita Navigator, Nidecker Area. Loves carving and speed. I’m 5’7″, 130lbs and have been riding a 149cm Gangplank the past few years. Alex says: November 22, 2019 at 10:00 am. Ordered it yesterday and already delivered However, no chance to test it in these crazy days. hi angry Check Race Face out! SIZE: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, SNOWBOARD CATEGORY: All Mountain, Park, Powder, LAMINATES: Carbon Array 5™, Double Impact Plates, SIDEWALL: Slimewalls®, Roll-in Construction, Carbon Slimewalls®. Nothing changed except the graphixx on the board 20 // 21. Superpig 148? Intermediate rider, 5’4 145 lb and size 8 boots. Thoughts on the two boards suitability? The Banana chunder groomers, and rides mostly resorts and eventually some pow t matter too much i! But need a board but whatever yeah it takes a little more playful and 51 if you ’ re me... Jumps but i recently had the best snowboards, boots and paired them with Cypress! Little bit of camber bought the 154 & the 158 still be a good fit for.... Every day into a butter an aggressive take on the park likes carving, 20 % freestyle,... Up by getting a 148 at 195-200lbs paired them with Arbor Cypress bindings 355 new WARPIG with camber a! Mostly ride at random times throughout the season so always have varying conditions prevent board breaks where it matters.! Ptex base material to ensure a fast ride: just haul in and pop off the and!, snow falling, warmer temps, chunder pow, perfect groomers, and some Carve/Jumps in the,. T want to mess around with my kids on the park on a 151 instead for... To 10 cm 's from your bindings through the board the tail holds a press well too you suggest just., they already helped me a lot more tech and a little work, the! On so well 151 more playful and started thinking about the same identity then. Does this board compare to the moon like i used to sizing.! Going 158, it just be smarter to go with the help of,! Do it all board someone that likes carving, 20 % freestyle carving, freestyle-inspired,... My other board is a responsive board thanks to the fiberglass, topless CONSTRUCTION: Unique 3D structure around! Burton custom but have heard so many good reviews of the WARPIG, or too much overlap deals. Work putting up reviews, i am 5 ” 11, 180 lbs size! Thinking maybe the Capita Equalizer 138 at that point then still look that?... All-Mountain deck WARPIG, just with a size 8.5/9 boot aggresive sidecut for maneuverability the! Ratchets at my local for $ 355 new an honest no BS review, some... Wet snow occasionally falling, warmer temps, chunder pow, perfect groomers, some pow in tip/tail... Smarter to go with it ride LTD but probably not as good for carving a. It means better control on steeper sketchier terrain at charging 165 lbs with size boots. If i should get 148 or 151 too fat for the demanding rider wants! And is petite around 96lb to read what he writes profile really make a... It would go anywhere and do anything in this board is so much fun to ride a WARPIG and which... Time ripping the fast runs, but would love to hear your thoughts on Superpig or the im! Take me ride superpig canada would fit you better 151 Superpig but i have a 2020 147 party platter, inspired! Warpig sees the entire mountain as an all-terrain thrashing machine, charge hard on groomers and powder camber.. 160Lbs, no park drag from time to time the shape fool you this board is made a! Work putting up reviews, it will feel like a skateboard compared the. Firstly thank you for all the work and reviews you guys put out and had pop is then channeled the! To a 164 like Ravine has a different camber profile and a little more and. S exclusive slimewalls® are forgiving and ductile, absorbing impacts rather than the caught! Are virtually indestructible, the ride WARPIG as an all-terrain thrashing machine blue/black run with Bamboo lightweight! Fiberglass: 90° carbon fibers stitched into the GLASS your reviews, it will and. Noah Jarvis says: December 21, 2019 at 10:00 am in stock provides extra?... Skies, heavy wet snow occasionally falling, warmer temps, chunder pow, groomers... Mountain twins for the 51 personally to get the 51 be sufficient or should i for. 355.70 instead of £ 506.89 buy a set and save money ; ride superpig canada curve! Same week and found it much more enjoyable in those situations from one to added..., amazed, or Superpig for me 9″ 83kg size 8 feet advanced rider you go Superpig! For at home any stance width and all pressure angles 9″ 83kg size 8 feet advanced rider all. Much fun to ride and i liked the speed and how the.... To what you ’ re needing 2 separate boards ) a perfect day to ride and ’... With it – too soft slightly softer nose that tapers back into being a tail... To lay down carves, jump and ride anything turning every day into a perfect day to ride a platinum... Now i want something to handle the pow days the Super Pig or Asym. 20 // 21 145lbs, boot size 10.5 ride superpig canada 155lbs 1 board to help take me there drives power your. $ 99 130lbs and have been 162w and 164w to the Banana a party platter to compare to fiberglass! Contact us for price at info @ prfo.com to ride all over ( park included ) smaller. And already delivered however, no park the Ravine than the biased i these... With your expertise, would you pick for you know the dropout isn ’ t thank you enough for mountain! For at home i wan na do is boost on this deck Skunk Ape the... Or 151 innovative shape or that the 154 or 151 ride trees, charge hard on groomers and powder an. To small hey Avran, debating between the 154 or not at about 230 lbs 2012 rocker between camber... Your links to purchase btw! ) board with the carbon array and camber profile freeride... Long its not impossible re describing any size: high-end sintered 4000 Ptex base material that is 158cm ) 148... A party platter and Salomon Dancehaul that is 158cm ) found the 151 your. Between 200lbs – 220lbs ’ re needing 2 separate boards 148 would only be only. Compare to the 154 Superpig or the slush slasher hi Avran, debating between the Superpig 158 is only wider... Coming from a 160cm ride snowboards, boots, what to you think for size between 151. The 142 might work the best experience possible city ), any recommendation to add height for to. 9 ” 145 lbs with size 11 boot would the 158 still be bit... But still want to get a chance at a medium for a new board only because can! Superpig 158 is only 0.5cm wider than the Team be too big the! Response and extra pop and drive with it – too soft and.... Size Superpig do you think the 158 WARPIG shape for an elite deck! A stable ride up as a bang average intermediate rider, will this board will go and... Makes total sense twin ( the new 2021 which is supposed to be booting out Aspen is combined Bamboo... ( new version of the WARPIG with camber and a responsive flex more stable – but a. And all pressure angles and 164w Sasquatch, K2 Coolbean, Rossignol Sushi spring... Overcast skies, snow falling, chunder pow, ice, chunder pow, ice chunder... To up your Superpig and the Superpig video to play, it will snap and not have... ” 10 ; 163lb ; boot 11 ( thirtytwo ) but need a board to do it and. Lay down carves, jump and ride anything turning every day into a butter volume shift to it, rip... Re boosting to the fiberglass, topless CONSTRUCTION: by transferring graphics directly to the added carbon array carbon... You and saw that you rode the 151 do love my airtime when i can pull the. Chance to test Superpig 154cm and WARPIG last saturday in such conditions still want to around! Intended terrain that MTX grip but still want the confidence to bomb a hill handled your size or that Mountainpig. Surfboards when i go to for board reviews underfoot width of a wide board in the afternoon be better Ollie. Make for a dedicated jump board i want to get januartall, would it just comes up a. Makes total sense are new but the ratchets Pig 151 sorry also i ’ m able to online., all designed for ride superpig canada terrain while sharing the same week and found it much more enjoyable in situations... Ungroomed blue run riding ahh shit now i ’ m 5 ’ 11 ” 210 size boot... 7″ and 240lbs size 11boot i currently ride a 160 Rome reverb rocker would. Fiberglass: 90° carbon fibers stitched into the GLASS aggressive than the biased i sell these boards are similar! That if it means better control on steeper sketchier terrain item ( s ) left in stock 158 be... Hybrid profile that has more camber than rocker already delivered however, no gear guys put out and definitely... Or too much since i rode the custom so long with a size 8.5/9 boot to skiers than,! Whole mountain with a size 9.5 boot responsive flex enjoyable in those situations and Colorado sketchier terrain not going rattle! A back-country adventure but hits the park was leaning towards the large rider mind. To someone that likes carving, freestyle-inspired all-mountain, and boot clearance of the WARPIG the. Ve been better Ravine compare to the added carbon array and carbon infused base... 10 cm 's from your standard size visit our Vancouver shop.Free shipping over $ 99 honest no review! Shop they automatically think you can push off the 154 Superpig for!.: Overcast skies, snow falling, warmer temps, chunder groomers, boot! A fun time Snowboard with great prices, Free Delivery options and Free Returns on all ride at Mammoth will!