Attack adds directly to your damage, and is not affected by piercings of any sort. They level slower than AoE BillPosters, 2. For your build, either go full INT or at level 60, have 60 STA and rest INT. Many people recommend against this, because they do more damage than Mongs (which are higher leveled than sylicas), but I never had trouble surviving. Money Making – A level by level guide on making money without buying gpotatoes. src: Finally. This is the second most important stat. For a BP, Intelligence helps buff timers, the damage of one of the level 70 “AoE”, increases your “MP” and how much you heal. 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+21 3/4: Def+47, MP Consumption -15% 4/4: Def+47, MP Comsumption -15%, DEX+5, 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+20 3/4: Def+47, Hit Rate 12% 4/4: Critical Damage +40%, Def+47, Hit Rate 12%. Two of these +3 will give you 20% block, which can help a lot when versing blades, bowjesters and rangers. But never put anything except for electric cards B into your Hknuck and leveling shield. Then go to luias, then gonguries then shuhammas. Renykens (iren questies), Luchests (Luia questies) and Eronismints (Gongury questies) sell for a lot of money. Which can make it useful for leveling. Rings dropped from ordinary monsters will always be +0. If you added 30 stam to your build, this is your time to shine. At level 45, you can also start leveling in the Ivliss Dungeon, at Red Otems. FSing or Full Supporting Rather simple. You can use Water, Land, Wind and Fire cards for Weapons/Shields. Also known as face items. Flyff project M v7 is really confusing, coming from a pserver player. 7% cards can range from 5mill-1bill depending on your server. We're also squashing a few bugs and tweaking balance a bit more. If they are in asal/dmmt gear: I recommend 1v1 gear, just melee them and stunlock them to death. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Or worse, spending your hard earned penya on overpriced Forforms. For these, you should only ever use Electric B cards. At level 63 you can start farming the Mushelizer and the Giant Volt and Elderguard. The ones that sell for a lot are: Gstick, Gknuckle and Gbow. It doesn’t even look pretty. It’s definitely worth it. As a vagrant, I also recommend you get level 15 at lawolfs, and don’t move to Bangs, nyangnyangs or Feferns if you’re short on money, since they drop a lot of armour and weapons, which saves you money and you can always sell the drops to the NPC if they are of no use to you, so you get some extra money that way also. "    " + Hey guys, I asked this question earlier today on the webzen forums, but nobody's answered yet so I figured I'd ask here too. Thats the minimum. Cash Shop Clothing can be blessed, however. After you max asal, you can then max sonic hand, and then move to max the rest of the buffs. This is also known as the V6 build, this one gives you 4% extra crit than the Cookie Cutter build and with maxed cannon-ball, haste and accuracy you get maxed hit rate in a +3 set, about 88% attack speed and 10% crit. This method also makes an AoEr rich because of the loads of money you receive and the drops you can sell for a lot of money. Best or second best choice, depending on your situation. Please Note Upgrading jewelry should be one of your last priorities. The difference with just a talin set isn’t very noticeable, but it still kills faster. Don’t get worked up about that either, usually it isn’t very fair, but there’s nothing you can do. Much worse, they will sneaker and use position lag to their advantage (If they look like they’re doing it intentionally, and they look like they’re using a slash+keenwheel combo from far away, then you may be able to report them) Most of the time, they can tank your asal, so MP gear will help most in these fights. Requires enough dex awakens/pierces or attack speed awakens to achieve 90+% attack speed. 6. 338-340 Additional Damage+250, Def+100, Add HP+20%. Which is why it’s best to just farm yourself one when you kill the SteelKnight giant. Billposter Build [ABB]: ===== Billposter, use there divine power to increase there own abilities. You hit the monster, you do damage, but it does very very little as compared to the full damage. Necklaces dropped from ordinary monsters will always be +0. It adds the most attack out of any other pet for a 1v1 BP. Block – Block is half way between a normal hit and a miss. With red scrolls however, it shouldn’t be too hard to pull out 3 second kill times at higher levels. If you still cannot go to azria for god knows what reason, go to Darken 3 and level at the old Darken 3 mobs, or move to the Desert. … _Job_Quest. You stand to make a serious amount of money here. A 1v1 BP has no need for any of these things, therefore you should not add any points to this. Continue in mars mines if you’re there until level 25 (Fight mutant bangs) After 26, you will need to move out of the dungeon. One detail of these new sunglasses is particularly interesting, however: they are job-specific. When you create a character, you won't receive infinite SP (skill points), you receive SP upon leveling up and job changing.Level 1 characters start out with 0 SP. A bladeposter is the term created by Xurtan (or made famous by him). With each level, they gain a random rank. All monsters from this point outside of azria or the tower will be in Darken 3. However, as of V14, the upgrading success rates has increased, so getting to +10 element won’t be nearly as hard as it used to be, even getting to +20 element might be possible! DPS – An acronym which stands for Damage Per Second. Pets come from eggs, which drop from all monsters higher than level 20, and a cheap to buy from player shops. Clockworks is a lot easier to do, I wouldn’t bother with Meteonyker unless you can buy gpots. Otherwise you’re better off using a hknuckle and rody (LGGlove and talin set is also an option). Also known as the Clockworks Knuckle (CWKnuck for short) is the knuckle you should use from 60-75 if you don’t have maxed hitrate, in which case you should be using a gknuckle. At these levels you can also farm giants for historic weapons, but I don’t feel that it’s worth the effort personally. How do you get more HP with 15-30 base stamina? With any luck you’ll stun lock them, tank their hits or just asal them. Elements are very important. If you get it to +3, it has the same attack rating as a level 55 knuckle, but it adds +10% reflection…It’s cheaper to buy this +3 than get every NPC knuckle from 45-60 +3 so that it becomes equal in attack rating, so might as well use it. As a 1v1 BillPoster, the only necessary skills are buffs, however there are a number of skills which you will want so you can PvP effectively. You may also choose to do ClockWorks, which is a level 80 giant that drops +9 and higher rings, CW armour, CW weapons and some shields. Green Weapons only drop from “giants”, see money making section for a list of these giants. Bonuses: 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+10% 3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Blk+10%, Melee Blk+10% 4/4: HP+15%,Def+15%, Ranged Blk+15%, Melee Blk+15%. If you choose to 1v1 all the way from assist to billposter, then pick this. Who you fight with is important. At 55 I recommend you go level at Black Otems, which are the same as Red Otems, but are a higher level so they give more exp. You will most likely need an FSRM for this as well as party skills. What to use: Speed gear, DMMT, 1v1 stuff or HP gear. At 77 or 78, I reccomend you go to pinkies in dekane mine. And this guide here will discuss about the 1st jobs of flyff and its basic and common build. But be sure to ready yourself some pocket moneys so that you … Don’t get it, it isn’t worth the price tag and the Bloody Knuckle is good enough for PvP. They tend to AoE around lvl 95-105+. Here are their properties. 5. Please Note: From now on, I’ll just be giving your options straight, and saying which monsters are the best to level at, instead of just telling you where not to level. Adding some points into Ressurection also helps since plvlers feel a little safer that way. If you choose to get level 1 resurrection, you will only be able to get level 6 Cannonball when you finally turn billposter, level 11 cannonball if you choose to not get resurrection. The +10% crit is great, remember more critical means more damage. if (document.readystate === 'complete') { More stamina also helps you with Gianting/Clockworks/Meteo This is the third most important stat. It doesn’t do very well, it kills the slowest, just over BJs and 1v1 BRMs. Upgrade it, awaken it and love it. The arena was not meant for social chit-chat, kill as many people as you want. You can only get to level 15 as a vagrant, and then after that you can no longer gain any exp until you go and do a job change quest. At level 1, you start out with 15 in each stat as default. Chances are they won’t have good HP in asal/DMMT gear. These guides are viable and updated for the v19 version of FlyFF! There are only four pets that are useful for leveling. Jesters (If you don’t have a lot of HP) around your level or higher. Only if you have funds though. Skill Weapon Type Description Bonus Asmodeus Knuckles Buff Increases striking power. “FSRMs” are usually called partners though, and usually get angry when they get called a leech. Because 13% critical is better than 15% attack speed for 1v1ing. Number 2 will be better for leveling, but it turns you into a sitting duck in pvp. So when versus a fire elemented monster, element you knuckle with water and you will do more damage. Bone Bowl Quest. If you really cannot go to azria, stay at pinkies till level 88 at least. The higher level monster the quest item dropped from, the more amount of pet feed you will receive per quest item. You will do a lot of equipment changing. You may also go to azria, they drops heaps of blues, green armours and stones, which can make you a decent amount of money with party drop skills. Nice exp, nice drop. Patience and Quick Step may also help. 7% cards no longer drop, and can be obtained by collecting (Get 10 pieces and exchange them at the collector NPC) or get 10 4% cards and exchange them via the exchange NPC in East Flarine to get a chance of getting a 7% card. Gon4-Level 86 Billposter (Lawolf) Cody24- Level 6X H&R Elementor (Lawolf) Basically don’t kill these guys cos they can satan. If you’re in azria, stay at normal yettis. Asalraalaikum ForceMaster is one of the most if not famous classes in flyff even back then in offi spamming Awake Scrolls on Wooden Shields to get 3 lined Mp1250+ Awakes littering the streets of Flaris of awakened shields. Use char sim to check. The person leeching also receives a free Plvl which is good too. Then click your cluster forum. Because you still need to walk up to each monster before you kill it, so it does help. 5. This build requires good attack-speed awakens, a +8 set (Or good dex awakens/pierces) and maxed buffs. Go to black otems here as well if you can. I prefer critical, then attack speed, then attack. If crit is better than str, why don’t we add dex? What’s the difference between a 1v1 BRM and a 1v1 BP. Hunt 20 small Mias. You need good equips like jewelry or sets for this method to really work out, even though without good equips, leveling still becomes incredibly fast in the pre-60 levels. See Piercing section for more information. Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Knight Armor. The effects from dexterity can be replaced with good equipment, but it is still an important stat to add to for most people. Suits go up to 4/4 and Weapons/Shields go up to 10/10. This is your final 1v1 leveling knuckle, upgrade it and make it as good as you can afford. However it has over a million HP, does a lot of damage and you can only kill it once every 2 days (And you have to kill the giant within one hour). You don’t need to keep your reskill, but it’s recommended just in case. You will also do your last non-quest office quests in these levels. Similar to the STR Area of Effect Billposter build, this build instead uses the Billposter skill Bgvur Tialbold to kill many monsters at once. You are allowed to kill people for no reason. STA – Also known as STAM, is short for Stamina. Its not the most economical option, but i had spare money. You spend money on PvP equips. I recommend using Hp gear, as they have dark illusion and will probably silent you first before you can let off an asal anyway, as they always get the first few hits. You must keep your event re-skill that you obtain at level 15 after doing the level 15 job-change quest. Mia Quest -Lvl to start: 20-29 -Starting NPC: JeongHwa (Across from Martin, Magic shop owner of Saintmorning) This quest consists of 8 parts. They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. There are two types of earring, and these are Demols and Plugs. STR – Short for Strength, is one of the four “stats” that you can upgrade each time you level. They don’t drop any unique items, but they respawn extremely fast, there’s five of them in the room, you rarely ever have to compete with someone for a spawn of them, and they always drop blue items. Rangers. V9 edit: Again, this item is named differently. Just to put into context how hard this is, I know someone who has a +7ultimate LGGlove with a +25 dex awaken and 6/6 piercings. Ringmasters are the primary supporting class in FlyFF. Take it back to Porgo. Shields add VERY LITTLE defense. Stay at mammoths for a LONG time (even when they’re just 1/2 levels higher). Some eggs will also spawn giants, so just don’t open any eggs. They’re not as good at PvP as compared to AoE Billposters, 3. I only know of two/three BPs who can successfully hunt the Meteonyker, Xurtan (Who has 96% crit, 100% attack speed and uses lgglove and rody, and has reached 90k+ crits) and a certain BP on my server who owns a +7 ultimate LGKnuckle awakened with +8% critical and 6/6. Better than any awakened or green stick, but it costs upwards of 1bill on most servers. It’s a great knuckle. Around 43-45, but before the Iviliss Quest. This has 3% extra HP and 10% block going for it. 3)Facts of Mia Talk to the Mayor of SaintMorning. Good speed awakened/pierced gear (Speed, not attack speed. Builds – 1v1 BillPoster Stat Builds and an explanation of Stats, 3. You can still AoE with this character, which makes getting to 60 a lot easier, 1. If you followed the money making guide, you should be fine for at least clean equipment. Why should I use a Yakadain Knuckle instead of a Guardian Knuckle. Sometimes called accessories. Prevention for giants is when they reach a certain HP, they will use what looks and acts like the assist skill “Prevention” being activated, and will have half its HP recovered. Lion is more versatile, but Unicorn is a lot better. Any good awakened NPC set, level 30 set or level 15 set is better to use than this set for 1v1 leveling. I prefer Critical. Also called Blessings, not to be confused with Blessing Scrolls which are also called Blessings, which make sure you don’t lose any exp when you die, and remain active until you die in a PvM environment. All weapons and armor start at 0/0 (Which isn’t visible). Same as before, 1v1 mobs 4-8 levels higher than you, element your knuckle. This is also very good to use till you get Rody/Rodey. Those monsters are all in azria. You can ask your plvler to split the drops if you want, but most don't want to share drops for some reason. Piercing is done via any weapon NPC in a town. This is basically to set up for the second part of the quest at level 60. Heap Up (If you think you can survive without it, just get it to minimum). Assistant -> Billposter. Kill the following giants: Sylica [Also +5 gores] (electric) Mong [also drops +6 rings](Earth) Nautrepy (Fire) Rangda (Fire), For leveling, you can go farm quests at Boo’s (Level 72-75) and Hoppres ( 76-77). For jewelry get a Gore, two Demol Earring+12's, two Vigor+9 or higher. On the other hand, an AoE (Area of Effect) BillPoster gathers a large amount of mobs (masquerpets/monsters) and then tanks their damage and kills them all simultaneously. For equipment, just use a really good talin set with LGGlove and crit shield forever. It doesn’t sell for very much though, which is good if you want to buy one, but bad if you want to resell one. Crit-Billposter. In every case, how much HP you have is dependent on whether you will win or not. They all have there advantages and disadvantages. "Mobile Site" Each pet has 5 levels, these are: D, C, B, A and S. D being the starting level and S being the highest. The only people who should use a Guardian Knuckle (as a 1v1 build) from level 60-75 are people who have maxed hit rate, which means a +6 set with 43 dex or +8 with full str, or 100 dex with buffs and a gknuckle. Giants cannot “recast” this “prevention”. Similarly, crit/dex piercings are better than speed/attack speed ones. You may also choose to use the Hknuckle if you have better upgrading, piercing and so on, and can’t find or afford an equivalent or better LGGlove. Remember to glow stack, which means putting any +3 piece on with your other highly upgraded gear already on, then putting on your normal highly +d piece on replacing the +3 one (Must be higher than +3). The Intelligence AoE Billposter is one of the three AoE Classes for a Billposter. The issue with cranes: Many people want to 1v1 cranes before 60, which is fine but only under the following conditions: – You must be able to do at least 800 damage with over 85% attack speed, with buffs. Reward: Experience NOTE: Many people can’t pick up the book. Kerns, Glaphans, Chimeradons and Bernerky questies sell for over 500k each. – From 30-105 use talin set with as much attack pierced, with as many crit/adoch awakens as possible. Because it doesn’t really matter that much pre-60 since you level fast enough anyway. #3 AoE Knight. Dexterity This stat adds block, hit rate (accuracy, how often you hit), crit and attack-speed. Disadvantages:-Very boring: Only have to spam heal and buff-Most people don't share drops=Low Money-Lower Buff timers than RM full INT FS's. 100% attack speed and maxed hit rate (Or basically the 1v1 gear you use to level), 5. At 70, move to mushpoies, in azria move to mutant yettis at around 69/70. It looks a treat though. And it’s a lot easier to get 15% attack speed as it is to get 13% critical awakened. Speed – Walking speed, how fast you walk or run. File:Alextset.gif Level Defense Alext Set (Male) Ales Set (Female) File:Alesset.gif; Icon Name Icon Name 75: 227 - 228 File:Alext Helmet.gif: Alext Helmet File:Ales Helmet.gif: Ales Helmet 283 - 285 File:Alext Boots.gif: Alext Boots File:Ales Boots.gif: Ales Boots 368 - … Quests – A list of useful quests – Job Change Quests – Explanation of Quest Office, Player Versus Player – Arena PvP strategies – Arena Etiquette – PvP Equipment, Frequently Asked Questions – A few common questions that everyone seems to ask. The duel arena is no longer used, and will most likely be empty. They also help if you choose to level using AoE method till around 70. To clear up further confusion, I only say vagrant set because those are the cheapest to awaken. That should get you to 67 fast enough. These help you survive and kill a lot faster when used correctly. //